July Intentions & Favorites

It's mid-july already? That was fast. And I'm still slacking on the blog posts, but I'm just rolling with it right now. Summer is a busy season, one without consistency and routine, so I'm doing the best I can to get everything done and stay sane! A lot has happened since I last blogged, including... Continue Reading →


Periodization: what is it, and why it should be a part of your training

As much as we like to pretend it is, the human body is not a machine that can repeatedly do the same things, without rest, and see improvements. I'm actually kind of glad this is the case, because that sounds quite boring in my opinion! Whether you design your own workouts or you have a... Continue Reading →

Healthy Snacks for Travel

It's Spring break! Which means airplanes, long drives and (hopefully) vacationing where the weather is warmer. I'm spending spring break at home where the current temperature is 21°F and there is still a foot of snow on the ground. Even though I'm not going far this week, I'm spending my vacation planning for the next... Continue Reading →

Perfect Weekend Pancakes

In my opinion, the best way to spend any holiday is by eating pancakes. So that’s precisely what I did for Valentine’s day! This easy, whole grain pancake recipe shouldn’t be saved just for holidays, though! It’s perfect after sleeping in on the weekends, or even just making in the morning because you have an... Continue Reading →

Dorm Room Recipes

Elaborate meals are great. They look good, they taste good… but unfortunately, they’re not a sustainable reality for most home-cooked dinners. Unless you have 6 hours to kill, you likely don’t have the time to make complicated dishes. Additionally, those rare, organic ingredients are pretty pricey, and require kitchen equipment and skills beyond that even... Continue Reading →

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