My Starbucks Drinks

As you probably have realized by now, I drink a lot of coffee. But not just any coffee, Starbucks coffee! I’ve definitely developed a broader range of drink preferences over the years, but I have still yet to master black coffee. Especially hot coffee! I’ll drink almost any iced coffee out there (as long as there is some sort of non-dairy milk in it) but the only hot coffee I like is a latte. Still, I have a few different staple drinks I get at Starbucks on the reg!

In case you’ve ever wondered what my drinks are or how to order them (I know, Starbucks is complicated and kinda intimidating!) I’m going to show you a few of my favorites today. They are all vegan, all relatively healthy, and can be easily customized for you. Please let me know if you try any!

Drink #1: Iced Coffee with Soy Milk

I had this drink almost every day for a year. It was slightly sweet from the vanilla soy milk, not too strong of a coffee flavor, and incredibly healthy. If you want it sweeter, add some sugar or stevia on your own instead of the classic syrup the barista pumps in. I’ve moved on to bigger (literally) and better drinks, but I still occasionally order this if I want a low-maintenance pick-me-up in the afternoon!

How to Order: Grandé Iced Coffee, half coffee half soy milk, no sweetener

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.36.19 PM

Drink #2: Mocha Iced Latte

This drink became my new staple once my caffeine tolerance increased and I needed something stronger. And sweeter! I order this one of two ways. One is a trick to make it less expensive but still delicious, and the other I save as a treat when I use my free drink or birthday rewards. In addition to coffee I’m also a chocolate addict, so this drink provides them both in one!

How to Order:
Cheap way: Venti Iced Coffee with 6 pumps of skinny mocha and extra soy milk*
Fancy way: Venti Iced Skinny Mocha Latte with Soy Milk*

*If you order a grandé, get 4 pumps instead of 6! 3 if a tall!

**(What’s the difference? The first is iced coffee which is made with water, and milk is added after. The second is made with expresso shots and the rest of the liquid is milk!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.34.24 PM

Drink #3: Soy Latte

So it took me about a year and a half to move off of iced coffee and finally attempt to enjoy a hot coffee. Last Spring when I traveled to France, I was overtired all the time and had no choice but to order hot coffee. (Apparently iced coffee in France is not a thing! Those crazy French). I guess I was ordering coffee all wrong, because rather than receiving the disgusting, bitter black cup like I did in the US, I got a soy latte. This was my first time trying a soy latte, and after that I was hooked! Now I am obsessed with foam, and I no longer have to suffer through iced coffee in the middle of winter. While wearing shorts. (Check my Insta, there’s a picture to prove it a ways back).

How to Order: Venti Soy Latte

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.29.12 PM

Drink #4: Peppermint Mocha

After getting bombarded with emails and snapchats of Starbucks holiday drinks, I had to cave and try one. Even if they cost almost $7… After trying one, I couldn’t stop, and the rest of the winter I was in debt! What do I spend my money on? Coffee. That’s about it. The peppermint in this drink really enhanced the mocha flavor, and I couldn’t help dreaming about Christmas while sipping it on a day cold. It’s actually available at most locations year-round, you just have to ask! It won’t come with the cool cup though. 😦

How to Order: Venti Skinny Peppermint Mocha with Soy Milk

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.26.11 PM

Drink #5: Macchiato

I know there are 3 drinks in this picture, so I’ll explain. Starbucks was having a BOGO macchiato week, so I had to try them out! One is a cinnamon dolce macchiato and the other is a mocha macchiato. The third drink here is my boyfriend’s go-to: grandé iced coffee with caramel. He’s a lot simpler than I am… If you don’t know what a macchiato is, it’s essentially the same as a latte except rather than pouring the expresso in first and then the milk, the milk goes in first and the expresso is poured on top. It creates a beautiful pattern as the dark coffee trickles down through the milk… Love it! Quick note for vegans: the caramel macchiatos are not vegan, but mocha, cinnamon dolce, vanilla, and peppermint all are. There are plenty more flavors, but I never order them so I’m not 100% sure which contain dairy and which don’t!

How to Order:
Grandé iced skinny cinnamon dolce macchiato with soy milk, light caramel drizzle and cinnamon powder on top
Grandé iced skinny mocha macchiato with soy milk, mocha drizzle on top

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.25.14 PM

I hope you like these! I think I’ll get a macchiato tomorrow. Maybe even a Venti this time!


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