Workout Must-Haves

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Life has been crazy. Between Spring break, essay writing, and my first track meet as a thrower, I’ve barely found time to breathe! But here I am, breathing, and ready to talk to you guys about my workout must-haves. First things first, a little update on my training. I am no longer a distance runner – I am officially a thrower! Now that this is established, my training has shifted tremendously. Classes take up a lot of time, so my training has mostly been throw practice and lifting, but here’s a peek at my average week!

Hammer throw practice
Short easy run

Hammer throw & javelin throw practice
Sprints, jumps/plyometrics, med balls

Javelin throw & shot put practice

Hammer drills & shot put practice

Sprints & light cardio

Meet! Compete in hammer, javelin and shot put


As you can see, I’m lifting about 3 times a week with 4 days of throwing practice. I also do short sprints twice a week, various jumps and plyometric exercises 1-2 times a week (to work on explosive power), and light cardio twice a week. This current phase of training will last the month of April, and I will compete every weekend for a total of 4 meets. If I get lucky and hit the standards, I may make it to the fifth meet! But for now I’m just focusing on doing my best and not worrying about distances as of yet.

Over the summer my goals are:

  • Run more (as my body allows)
    • mostly sprints & some longer warmups/cool downs
  •  Watch throwing videos and practice throws as often as possible
    • at least 3x a week
    • find coaching?
  • Get stronger!
    • increase lift frequency
    • heavy lifts
    • follow given training plan
  • Have fun, and do what feels good for my body!
    • spinning, yoga, swimming, outdoor cycling, walks, runs…
    • essentially don’t get too caught up with what I “have” to do, and just get outside and be active because I love it!

Training is such a dynamic process. This has become a lot more clear to me now that I am no longer a competitive distance runner. The dynamic nature of training keeps the sport exciting, prevents injury, allows me to improve, and helps me peak at the right time! Now more than ever I understand the saying: “Trust the process.”

Now that I have explained that… let’s get to the good part! My workout must-haves. Here’s a short list. Comment and let me know your workout essentials!

  • Bluetooth Headphones
    • I love Beats because of their tight fit and great sound-blocking quality, but unfortunately I don’t actually own a pair. So… I frequently borrow my boyfriend’s! They don’t fall off when I do snatches or run, and I can play my music loud for extra pump-up feels.
    • I’m also a huge fan of Sony Extra Base on-the-ear bluetooth headphones because of their sleek look and excellent sound quality, and the LG Tone Ultra in-the-ear headphones. They have great sound, only issue is that the necklace part falls off when I lean back, and gets in the way of power lifts.
  • Nike Spandex
    • As a former runner, I have a huge collection of nike short spandex! I love all the colors and patterns, and unlike leggings they prevent me from getting too hot during any time of the year. Also, if I’m feeling a spontaneous post-workout swim, I can easily jump in the pool wearing spandex and sports bra.
  • Anthropologie Workout Shirt
    • Their stuff is so soft! Feeling cute and comfy is a huge factor for a good workout. I need to look cute to have motivation to make it to the gym, and if I’m going to have a successful workout I need to be comfortable! I just bought my first top, and I will definitely be making another purchase again soon.
  • Pre-workout Coffee
    • I’m not into most pre or post workout drinks, but caffeine is always a must. Especially if I’m waking up early to get my lift or spin class over with, I need my coffee “reward!” I usually get a Venti mocha iced coffee to sip on before and after my workout. I drink about ⅓ before my workout, a couple sips during, and the rest after. Sometimes I’ll cool down with a long walk on the treadmill after a lift, and I love to sip my cool drink while watching HGTV!
  • Manduka Hand Towel
    • Last but not least, my hand towel! I use my maduka hand towel for yoga, spinning, and even just at the gym! Unlike other hand towels, this one doesn’t get “gross.” It prevents my hands from slipping on my mat during the most intense power yoga classes, and helps keep me cool and composed during tough cardio or strength training sessions!

Ok, that’s about it! It doesn’t take a lot to get to the gym, but my essentials definitely make my workouts more enjoyable. If you haven’t already, check out my workout playlist post for music ideas! And please comment with suggestions of more products I should try.




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