Summer Workouts for YOUR Personality

It finally feels like Summer! All this sunshine just makes me want to move all my workouts outside. Sadly I don’t have a backyard squat rack or plates, so my lifts will have to be inside. Even still, there’s plenty of other fun workouts I can do in the sun, and you may like them, too!

I know not everyone is enthusiastic as I am about exercise, but now more than ever is a great time to find an activity you love. You don’t have to shovel out the car to get to the gym, you don’t need heavy sweatshirts to face the cold. It’s summer, so working out should be both fun and get you a nice tan. Check out this list based on your personality to find out what workout you should try this summer!

If you’re fun-loving, try…
Paddle Board Yoga: This one may seem tricky at first, but it’s a great way to up your yoga game! Downward facing dog feels like a whole new pose when you’re gently rocking in harbor. Careful of the inversions, or you may just get wet! Bring a friend (and a towel), and you’ll be laughing the whole way home.

If you’re in it to win it, try…
A 5k Race: Summer is the best time to run, especially when there’s a fun run every other weekend! Not only can you watch yourself improve over the summer, you’ll also end up supporting some great charities with the entry fees. Good for your body, and soul.

If you’re a social butterfly, try…
Cycling: Take your spinning workouts outside! No, you won’t have the music blasting, but nothing beats the sound of birds and cars as you fly down the path, wind blowing through your helmet. (Yes, wear a helmet. Be safe!) Check out your local cycle club for group rides and new friends!

If you’re laid back, try…
A Long Walk: Not every workout needs to be complicated. If you’re not into group classes  or high intensity activity, grab your equally chill friend and head out for a long walk and gossip session. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you’re a child at heart, try…
A Playground Workout: The jungle gym isn’t just for kids! There are endless possibilities for a fun and challenging workout in the park. Try pull-ups, dips, monkey bars, upside down crunches, bench jumps, pushups, rows… and the slide. Don’t forget the slide!

If you’re self-motivated, try…
Personal Training: Some people like working out in groups, others not so much. If you’re ready to put your head down and reach your own goals, personal training is the best! Some trainers might be inside, but I know a bunch who like to take their clients outside on nice days. A little instruction and personalized training can go a long way.

If you love exploring, try…
Sailing: I’ll be honest, I’ve never sailed in my life. Despite living on the water, I just never learned! However, one of my best friends is a competitive sailer and she’s always toned and tan after long days on the boat. If you’re adventurous, try out some lessons and see where it goes! You very well may just be sore the next day…

If you’re hardcore, try…
Crossfit: Nothing challenging enough for you? Need to feel the burn at all times? Check out your local Crossfit. I tried it, I loved it. And I promise, if it’s not hard enough for you, they will be sure to raise the bar for your next session. Burpee sprints in the heat, anyone?

What workout would you choose? Is yours not on the list? Let me know in the comments below.


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