Why I Went Vegan: The Inconvenient Truth

19 months ago I decided I could not consider myself an environmentalist unless I truly did my part to reduce my impact on the planet. I turned off the lights, I took short showers, but it wasn’t until I saw Cowspiracy and realized that I was being tricked into thinking I was making a difference when I wasn’t that I decided to make a drastic change.

The single biggest contributor to climate change is animal agriculture. If you ask the government, they’ll say climate change doesn’t exist. If you ask corporations, they’ll talk about fossil fuels, and simply avoid the issue of animal agriculture all together. Why? Money. Isn’t that how everything in this county works? If you have a lot of money and investments, any information you don’t like that may hurt business, you can simply dismiss the evidence and block efforts to expose the truth. If you’re eating meat or dairy, you are being deceived by corporations and industry.

What’s wrong with animal agriculture? A lot. Too much to include in a single blog post. My main concern was the incredible impact the animal industry has on the environment, and that was enough for me to stop supporting such a terrible system. You may be more concerned about animal welfare, non-violence, or your health. ALL of which are severely impacted by the animal industry at the expense of everyone and everything on earth.

With each bite of meat, more rainforest is destroyed to make room for grazing. California looses even more water to alfalfa for cow feed. Baby chicks get their beaks cut off, piglets have their skulls smashed on the feces-covered floors of factory farms. Workers loose a limb. Runoff pollutes waterways. Fish populations diminish until they’re endangered. All the while heart disease and obesity increase due to the highly inflammatory diet Americans are fed every day by the animal agriculture industry.

You have the opportunity, every day, every hour, to choose compassion over the destruction of our planet, our ecosystems, and ourselves. I made the choice, and I’ve never looked back. Check out Cowspiracy on Netflix or online, even if you change nothing. Part of our duty as free citizens is to always learn what we can and make educated decisions for ourselves. The truth is out there, and Cowspiracy brings it to the forefront.

Here’s a few facts from the movie listed below! I also highly recommend reading The Sustainability Secret by  Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn. What do you think? Have you seen Cowspiracy? Do you still choose to support the meat and diary industry? Let me know in the comments below. And keep an eye out for my next post in the series: what I’ve learned as a vegan!




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