How much caffeine are you REALLY drinking?

So you’ve heard the news, you’re not supposed to drink more than 400mg of caffeine a day. (300mg if you’re pregnant or a kid). But what does that even mean? You just order your coffee, sometimes two, and you’re good. Sometimes you’re jittery or have trouble sleeping, but it goes away eventually. And when you don’t drink your coffee, you just get headaches and feel miserable. But rather than giving in to the need to drink more and more coffee to feel the effects, take some time to figure out exactly how much caffeine you’re consuming! You may be surprised.

As you know, I’m a Starbucks girl. So I like this little table here that tells me exactly how much is in a grande iced coffee! My venti iced coffees are usually mostly soy milk, so I think the grande is a more accurate measurement for me! But if you drink a plain brewed coffee, you’ve almost maxed out on your caffeine for the day! You’re better off going for the latte.


What if you go to Dunkin or McDonald’s, is it the same? Not quite. Turns out you can get away with a few more cups there. Check out this table to see how they line up:Chart-of-Which-Coffee-has-Teh-Most-Caffeine.jpg

Let’s say you don’t drink coffee (gasp!) and prefer tea. Sorry, you’re not off the hook! Neither are “decaf” drinkers. Why do we live in a world of lies!?!? I was surprised to learn even kombucha has caffeine. I guess I should be more careful, too!b6b7357f47df09886f85038a790ecc4f.jpg

What do you think? Are you consuming a safe amount of caffeine? Or should you try ordering half-decaf? Let me know in the comments.

If you’re curious how my addiction is going I drink about 165mg every morning (venti at Starbucks, ½ soy ½ iced coffee) and sometimes another 100-165 in the afternoon if I get a second coffee (I’m trying not to!). After dinner I drink a cup of decaf black tea, so about another 6mg. That makes about 171-336mg per day!



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